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Save As HTML - Making a Web Page

The Print Shop 4.0 has a Save As HTML feature that generates the files for you to upload to your web host.  Some ISPs provide their customers with a modest amount of free personal web space - perfect for hosting your web page.

Check your ISP's support site for your particular instructions to access and upload to your personal web space.

Do you enjoy the holiday tradition of receiving and mailing out real cards, but are you including more digital greetings because of the high cost of postage and the time it takes to prepare cards and envelopes?  That's my situation, too, so I like to use a web page.  Unlike with Facebook and email, I can control the look of the entire screen when I design a web page.

When you Save As HTML, The Print Shop generates an Images folder and a HTML file.  Upload them as is, and this gives you the look of a printed project displayed in the upper left side of the browser window.


Below is the link to the web page I made with the help of The Print Shop.  With basic HTML know-how, you can tweak the HTML in NotePad to fill out a 1680 pixel wide screen like I did, and to include a mobile version so the text rewraps to fit smaller devices.

Smith Family Holiday Greetings


  1. The Print Shop is not primarily a web design program, but is great for creating your web graphics, and for making a personal page.  For your small business, consider a web design program, such as the ones sold by Encore.
  2. Use web safe fonts e.g. Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS.  These fonts are installed on all devices, whereas if you use a font that is NOT installed on the other person's device, that person will just see a default font substitute, not of your choosing.  Google for web safe fonts for the full list.
  3. Get more advice about making web pages with The Print Shop by posting your questions at The Print Shop 4.0 forum.


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