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wedding invitations

Summer is almost here and that means summer weddings!  Here are some sample wedding invitations designed in The Print Shop using exclusive images from the Clipart Gallery.  These are 5x7 single-sided postcards which can be professionally printed for as low as $25 for 100!


Wedding Kit ...Read More

Photo resolution too low

Your photo image is composed of a fixed number of dots called pixels.  Low resolution means the photo doesn't have many pixels; high resolution means the photo has a lot of pixels.  But what is a lot?  Actually, the better question is, "What is enough?".

Once you decide how big ...Read More

Tint and Opacity Effects

There's nothing wrong with using a photo as is, but sometimes applying a filter to that photo will give you the desired effect you want for your special card.  For example, say you are making a card for your Mom, using a photo of when you were two years old.

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Appointment Calendar

Do you know someone who does not use a smart phone or any other electronic device to manage their appointments?  Often, these would be seniors who are more comfortable with pen and paper.

For many seniors, a calendar to write on, is most helpful to keep track of their appointments.  Important ...Read More

Holiday Ideas

Happy Holidays!

Here are some holiday ideas - create these with The Print Shop:

gift tags

photo art print

photo card



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